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Afro Street's Kate speaks out on motherhood

Posted on 02 Mar 2024

Step into the vibrant world of Afro Street, our Afrocentric store nestled in The Arcade, Broadmead, Bristol, as they join forces with the Love Bristol giftcard for a 'more than a mum' campaign this Mother's Day. Kate Spence Duod, the visionary behind Afro Street, invites everyone to reflect on what mums truly desire and need on this special day while championing our local businesses.

Kate's journey, transitioning from couture work with Jimmy Choo to establishing her bespoke shoe brand, mirrors the evolution of Afro Street. Focused on quality and uniqueness, Afro Street stands as a platform for black-owned, African, and Caribbean-inspired businesses. Their store, doubling as a collaborative hub, provides a nurturing space for brands to flourish together.

In 2024, Afro Street expands community engagement by unveiling its basement as a boutique lounge for creatives. Hosting events like workshops, trunk shows, podcasts, and photoshoots, Afro Street underscores Bristol's vibrant community vibe.

As proud participants in the Love Bristol Gift Card initiative, Afro Street stands with over 170 local businesses, encouraging patrons to shop locally. A Town & City Gift Cards survey exposes that 77% of mothers experience guilt when spending on themselves. With 92% of mums yearning for more personal time, the Love Bristol Gift Card becomes a poignant Mother's Day gift, allowing them to indulge in beauty treatments (something the Arcade has plenty of on offer), and other experiences.

“I really thought it was just me that feels guilty about spending money on myself." said Kate. "I love fashion and was always so excited about buying clothes, but now I feed that passion through the things I buy for the children and I rarely buy for myself."

Kate, a mother herself, understands the struggles faced by mothers, dealing with time constraints and the guilt of self-indulgence. The Love Bristol Gift Card emerges as an ideal solution, offering mums an avenue to pamper themselves while contributing to the vitality of our local community.

Bristol City Centre BID, Redcliffe & Temple BID, and Broadmead BID, the driving forces behind the Love Bristol Gift Card, echo the sentiment of supporting local businesses. 


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