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BODIES at The Unit

Posted on 04 Sep 2016
Categories: Art


What happens when 12 artists take over an empty shop which is open to the public in The Arcade for a month? Come and find out!

We're very excited to announce the arrival of Synecdoche at The Unit, our newly opened community arts space within The Arcade. During their residency they will develop their own works, evolving existing works over time, collaborating with one another, and engaging with the public. There is no fixed plan - just a group of passionate and deeply creative people all coming together every day to produce something beautiful.

The Unit and all the works within will be open to the public on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays 10- 4 and Sundays 11-5 until 29th September
( They will also be open at other times, so if the door's open come and say hello)

There will also be a closing event later in the month. Watch this space!

Artists: Helen AcklamLou BakerGina BaumScott Saturn ClarenceAlice JenningsAnn KelsonRosie McLayNicola PearceStan ReadMiranda StoryLaura WaiteMaura Zukina

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