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Father's Day at Card Shack!

Posted on 31 May 2022

Father's Day is coming up, and most of us have been giving cards to our Dads all our life. Which means it gets harder and harder every single year to find a card that's innovative, fun, creative, or can just adequately express you and your Dad's unique relationship. Well worry no more! This year, you can get your Dad that perfect message - and you cardly even need to try!

Card Shack, right in the centre of Broadmead at the Bristol Arcade, have just the (gree)ting for you! They have a whole range of Father's Day cards, from the funny, to the heartfelt & cute, all the way through to hyper-specific. Are you the second child and want to let your dad know that YOU know he loves you more? There's a card for that! Are you the other parent picking up a card for your kids, who were "too busy" to get one? There's a card for that too!

But there's more than just cards at Card Shack! If you're struggling to think of a Father's Day gift, Card Shack also offer plants in beautiful metal plant pots, with personalised slates built in! That way you can get a lasting, satisfying gift AND convey another message of your love (or feigned indifference, whichever it may be).

Your Dad put a lot of time, effort, love (and money) into raising you, so the least you can do is pick him up a card, and make it a good one. That doesn't need to be a hassle though! All you need to do is mosey into the centre of Bristol, and pop into the Bristol Arcade to pick up a perfect card for your dad. As a bonus, you can slip into Shakeaway for a "well done me" treat, or try a perfectly-crafted Italian coffee at Taste of Napoli to fuel your card-finding abilities. After all, you know what they say:

Work card! Play card!

Card Shack are open 10am-6pm Monday to Saturday, closing an hour early on Sunday. They're offering a promotion at the moment as well: 10% off for ALL their social media followers! So why not give them a follow, too: on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!


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