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Four benefits of Independent Shopping!

Posted on 28 Jun 2022

You're Helping your own Community

When you shop locally, you're not just purchasing something for you or a loved one, you're helping someone who lives in your community make the money they need to live - and promoting a business that's their life's work.

Not just that, but here at the Arcade we've put on events from jumble sales to art galleries to bring communities together - and without independent shopping and revenue we don't have the funds to make those events happen. So shop independent if you want to make sure you have an involved and caring community. 

Unique Purchases 

When you shop in The Arcade's shops, you'll find products or services that you simply won't find in any supermarket or chain stores. Whether it's inventive, independently crafted greetings cards from Card Shack, or Taste of Napoli's authentic Italian food and coffee, you won't find anything quite like what independent shops have to offer.

Better Deals & Great Advice

Shopping locally, you'll often find cheaper prices. Most small businesses aren't out to make a huge revenue stream and go global, they're out to try and offer a great product and service, trying to help out all their fellow Bristolians in whichever way they can. Just look at Mabz, The Arcade's big-hearted customer service champion, offering all his services at prices far below the giants of the industry - and to a far higher standard.


What Goes Around, Comes Around

Most independent shops will always reward loyal customers. Whether that's a cheeky freebie, a discount you weren't expecting or even just the fact you'll be recognised every time you walk through the door. You simply can't get this kind of thing shopping at huge, faceless chain stores - why not shop somewhere that you can feel like you're valued?


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