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Illustrate – the Eco-warrior

Posted on 25 May 2017
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With more and more emphasis being put on becoming sustainable and environmentally friendly, our very own Illustrate is coming up with some inspiring ways to combat pollution, cut down their Co2 footprint and help ensure equal working rights for clothing manufactures.  

The eco-friendly shop that everyone is loving!

Too anybody who already loves the Illustrate way of clothing, you will no doubt know that all their products are ethically and sustainably sourced. However, they have encompassed all their feelings and thoughts on this by supporting Fashion Revolution. They are non-profit, charitable organisation aimed at helping create more transparency in the fashion industry, and especially in the supply chain and in mass producing factories.


Fashion Revolution was started the day after the Rana Plaza disaster, in which a factory collapsed killing 1129, and since then they have made many people concentrate on where their clothes come from and the people behind the production of them. In April, each year since its conception they ask us to question “Who made my clothes?” A number one trend on Twitter during 2015, working with Mantis World, Illustrate where even able to show exactly how their mini clothes range was made!

Not just good for the environment, but also pretty trendy clothing!

Illustrate themselves have made considerable changes to their ethos to make sure they keep up with their eco-friendly vibe. They have started to use organic cotton in their hoodies and sweats to cut down on their greenhouse gases produced from non-natural materials. Organic materials is a huge concern for all at Illustrate and they even make their stylish notebooks from recycled materials.


This ethos on being conscious about our planet and how we are all affected can be seen in the Illustrate brand, with many different animals and idealistic backdrops encompassing the fact they stand for sustainability even more!


Top class stuff from Illustrate, and long may their endeavours in helping shape a better planet for future generations continue.

Looking after the planet for future generations at Illustrate

If you want to learn more about exactly what Illustrate are doing to make themselves more environmentally friendly, check out their website at news Check out their Facebook or Instagram pages to connect with the guys. 


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