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Keycutting, engraving and a lot more in Bristol!

Posted on 07 May 2024

If you’re looking for keycutting, engraving, or just a smile – Mabz is your man!

Mabz’ incredible work ethic means his store is open from 8:30am to 6pm every day and you will ALWAYS get service with a smile! With a touch of humour and a huge dose of endless positivity, Mabz can pretty much do anything you ask of him – whether it be key cutting, watch repairs and adjustments, fitting batteries, shoe repairs or engraving: Mabz will always do a brilliant job.

He's the heart and soul of the Arcade, and one of its biggest cheerleaders. But just what exactly can he help you with? Well, it's a long list.

Mabz is well known for his machine work – he's a masterful engraver, able to engrave personal, funny or any other message into your personal metal items – items like Zippo lighters (which he happens to sell), and watches. He's also a dab hand at cutting keys, offering an impressively rapid service at prices far below what high street chains will charge you.

As well as heavier machine work, Mabz also excels at delicate technical work – he can repair and adjust watches, fit batteries, or even repair shoes.

But Mabz isn't just a tradesman – he runs a shop too. Mabz offers the aforementioned Zippo lighters in an astonishing range of designs – something he's very proud of – alongside a huge catalogue of gifts, personalised items, and other useful bits. Essentially, if you need it, Mabz has it – and then some.

But Mabz' best service is totally free – positivity. He's always ready to greet customers with a smile and a friendly chat (whether it's about your day or the history of the Arcade) - and will usually sign off conversations with his delightful catchphrase: "peace and love".

So, whatever you’re looking for, Mabz has it on offer – and if he doesn’t, he’s bound to know who in the Arcade does! So come visit him at his eponymous shop at the south end of our beautiful Grade-II* Arcade.


Where to Find Us

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