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Local press abuzz about Taste of Napoli

Posted on 08 Sep 2023

Taste of Napoli have always been a firm favourite amongst Bristol's Italian eateries, and are true veterans of The Arcade, having served the Arcade community fresh & authentic Neapolitan delights for over six years now!

With this in mind, it's no surprise they're favourites of Bristol's media - but recent efforts have heightened that attention only further. As well as recent coverage on sites like 365bristol for their TripAdvisor award, Taste of Napoli have also been featured on Bristol World.

The article in question sees contributor Adriana Amor get their own taste of Napoli during a sunny lunchtime - a perfect example of the kind of transportative idyll that Taste of Napoli provides the people of Bristol, with Amor describing it as "the perfect spot to relax and enjoy a meal on a sunny day and enjoy some people watching."

They also praised the fast service, the "flavourful and filling" pizza, and the "light, creamy and smooth" Nutella cheesake - which they described as "bursting with flavour".


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But it's not only traditional news outlets that are raving about Taste of Napoli - it's all over social media too. Influencers like @spotlesssugc, @vegan_holly and others are all posting about ToN, with vegan influencers like the latter particularly impressed with the delicious and still-authentic vegan options.

All this social media attention has resulted in a spotlight from Bristol influencer juggernaut @bosfinesse (Oscar Bostock); fresh off a holiday to Naples itself, Bostock was craving a return to that sun-soaked dream - and Taste of Napoli delivered in a major way, with Bostock fervently yelling about the virtues of their food, and impressed that ToN was "the only place I could find sfogliatella in Bristol."

So, what are you waiting for? Stop reading about it and go experience Taste of Napoli with your own two hands and one mouth (presumably). While you're there, why not put out your own social media content, and tag @tasteofnapoli? Who knows, you could be the next Bos Finesse!


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