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Master Craftspeople in Bristol Arcade?

Posted on 06 Jun 2022

Did you know there are master watchmakers right in the middle of the Arcade? It's true! Watchmaker German Polosin is a passionate horologist (that's the technical term for watchmakers and watch-restorers, fact fans) who's personally handled hundreds of vintage and highly technical timepieces over the years. At Horological Underground, they carry his ethos of precision, care, and passion forward with their massive five-floor premises. If you want a watch made, a watch repaired, a watch restored, or just to buy a unique timepiece, German Polosin's Horological Underground is just the shop for you!

Did I say five floors? That's right, I did! Their huge workshop encompasses their boutique shop of vintage and unusual timepieces, including a selection of affordable items, a horological repair and servicing workshop fully-equipped for all kinds of repair and restoration, and a metalworking and machining workshop for watch parts making and finishing, including laser engraving facilities! Phew, that must take a lot of *time* to run.

Did you know, restoring doesn't just involve fixing old machinery - Horological Underground at the Bristol Arcade does a lot more than that. They even make watches safer! Many old watches use a radium-based paint - which is highly radioactive, and can make you very sick, or worse. If you have such an unsafe heirloom, Horological Underground will swoop in like heroes to safely remove the layer of radioactive paint, without damaging the watch's aesthetics or functionality in the process. What CAN'T they do (with watches)?

So what have we learned today? That German Polosin, master watchmaker, lends his team's services to the people of Bristol via Broadmead's Bristol Arcade, and Horological Underground. That Horological Underground has a whopping five floors, with every watch service you could need. And that Horological Underground are willing to risk their very health and safety to fix and restore YOUR watch.

Horological Undeground are open 10-6:30 Monday-Saturday. Just don't forget to check the time on a working watch when you go.


Where to Find Us

Main Map The Arcade, Bristol, City of Bristol BS1 3JD0117 214 0098

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