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Say Hello to Dr & Acuherbs!

Posted on 29 Apr 2024

Say hello to Dr & Acuherbs! The newest addition to the Arcade has your health in mind. 

Have you ever felt just a little run-down? Like nothing works? Or maybe you've got a specific problem, from targeted pain to chronic fatigue, or even just a little anxiety. Whatever you may suffer from, there are solutions at hand - it's always worth seeing a qualified doctor via your GP, and following their advice, but sometimes your problem doesn't qualify for medical aid - or you just need a little extra help. 




WIth 25+ years of experience, Dr & Acuherbs offer both traditional Chinese and modern medicine - and treatments including cupping and, of course, acupuncture! 

From ginseng for immune boosting and energy, to multi-extract products like Golden Woo Lok massage balm for muscle tension and arthritis, Dr Acuherbs have everything you need to keep yourself feeling tip top!



Owner Sophie has 9 years in total of medical education, including Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Western Medicine (WM), and received her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in NanJing University of TCM, and another Master’s degree of Science Medicine in Sheffield University. She was a lecturer in NanJing University of TCM and worked as a doctor in its affiliated hospital before she came to study in Britain. 

Dr & Acuherbs have plenty of experience helping and healing the good people of Bristol - they're veterans of our neighbour over at the Galleries, but with that shopping centre sadly closing, they've made the decision to open a second practice here in our own little slice of Georgian Grade-II heaven, occupying one of our brilliant units across the breadth of our varied Arcade - and we're so glad they're here!

So, head to Dr & Acuherbs today to book an appointment to feel better!


Where to Find Us

Main Map The Arcade, Bristol, City of Bristol BS1 3JD0117 214 0098

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