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Summer Holidays at The Arcade

Posted on 03 Aug 2016
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School is finally out for the summer and what better way to celebrate than with a treat from The Arcade’s huge selection of fun and delicious delights? Here is our top picks to treat your little ones (or yourselves!) on the last day of school.

For the smallest little ones, primary school can be tough, learning about wright and wrong, and what’s fair – must be exhausting! Luckily, we are home to one of the best kid’s shops in Bristol: Fantasia. This colourful little shop is bursting with character… literally! Here you can find all their favourite characters, from the Marvel heroes to Disney Princesses, from Minions to Paw Patrol – it’s all here in many different forms. If you want an educational treat that will keep their brains in tip-top condition over the holidays, why not pick up a craft kit, or some funky stationary? Or if getting them ready for a new year, why not make sure they are the top of the class with a brand new branded lunchbox or pencil case? There are also toys that scream holiday fun like tents, tea sets, and trikes, and proper gifts like real working watches and jewellery. Even just taking little ones inside will give them a great big smile, as they see all their favourite characters and shows all around them. This is one of Bristol’s most vibrant places to be and is definitely worth a visit this summer holiday.


One thing that always excites children of all ages: Sweets! Surprise your little monkeys with a themed sweet bag from our award winning shop: Times Past Vintage Sweets, or pop in with them and allow them to experience the thrill of choosing and weighing your own, teaching them the value of money and providing a unique experience. There are also ice lollies in stock for hot days, and lots of quirky pre-packaged selections that are sure to bring a smile to younger and older kids alike. Again, the vibrant atmosphere of this shop is a real treat in itself, and to see all those sweets staring down at you is something that may even get the adults craving a taste!

tp sweets

We would also encourage parents to check the Children’s Hospice South West display window, as many fundraising activities are due to happen throughout August, such as nature trails and coffee mornings, and are all exhibited inside the Arcade’s new window.

If the end of term has your kids looking a bit scruffy, or you think they could do with a bit of a pamper, book them in to EK Hair salon where kids come first. No tears and no wriggling around when the staff are as well versed as these lot, providing drinks and video games, tv shows and music, and even a good old chat like mum gets at the hairdresser – EK Hair will find something for your kids, whatever their needs. They can also sit in the cool car and aeroplane chairs, feeling like a star with their snazzy new haircut. You could even book in your older kids in their upstairs salon.

Have a great holiday!


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