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Summer Sale Ends Soon at Horological Underground!

Posted on 10 Aug 2022

Horological Underground are the engineering masters who maintain, restore and sell watches of all kinds. Founded by German Polosin, a master Russian watchmaker, they use their five floors of workshops to full effect - tinkering and painstakingly restoring to make sure they always have a beautiful array of top-quality watches, as well as the space and readiness to recieve yours should it need repair.

If you've ever considered buying a watch from Horological Underground, now's the time - pun intended. They're running a summer sale with discounts of up to 25% off - which is a serious discount when it comes to quality, antique watches. But summer, alas, cannot last forever, so don't sleep on this deal! 

If you're in the market for a watch, timekeeping must be a concern of yours - so don't let this get away from you, it's embarassingly easy to get a beautiful, unique watch at a really reduced price.

When it comes to watches like this classic Princeton 'Blue' - a beloved 1960s Swiss watch -, or the funky Roger Tourbillon “Tortuga” , with it's bold skull design, it pays off to go to experts - and it literally pays to take advantage of generous sales like these.

Did you also know that Horological Underground have special not-for-sale curiousities on display in the shop? In many ways, it's a museum and a tourist attraction as much as it's a shop! For instance, Horological Underground proudly display an original clock used in Soviet space technology - possibly one-of-a-kind! Head down to their premises at the Bristol Arcade to check it out - and check out this great summer sale.

Horological Underground are open from 10am-6:30pm all days except for Sunday (even masters need to rest). Head into their premises at the Arcade to chat with them and have a look at their stock, or visit their website to have a look at the watches they have on offer.



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