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Take lunch at The Arcade this Friday

Posted on 17 May 2018
Categories: Food and Drink, Summer

Let's face facts.


Bristol's in the UK, and that means you simply can't be sure the great weather is going to hold up until we reach Summer proper.


So if you're glancing out of the window this morning and wondering whether you should grab lunch at your desk or get outside into the sunshine, why not take the opportunity to get out for a quick walk and some lunch?


Take a quick trip down to The Arcade, the centre of independent shopping in Bristol.


At Taste of Napoli, The Crazy Fox, Rollin' Vietnamese and Wok Boxstix you'll be able to grab a quick bite and take a walk up to Castle Park to make the most of the weather while it lasts.


You'll want to grab your tasty lunch and get outside to make the most of your lunch time, so the quality lunches quickly prepared at The Arcade could be just the ticket.


Whether it's pizza, noodles, vegetarian, vegan or street food you're looking for there's plenty of choice.


So go on, stop glancing out of that office window and get out and enjoy two things which make Bristol such a great place to live: quality food and drink made by local independents under the amazing sunshine. 


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