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Illustrate is a new independent brand dedicated to supporting emerging talent by creating a platform to transform art into fashion.

One of The Arcade's newest shops, Illustrate brings another helping of the vibrant and artistic vibe to the shops already there. Showcasing an ever changing line up of artists, entering this shop is a chance to be inspired and educated on a million different types of art-style. From complex, detailed designs, to simple geometrics, you can find a number of varied items in the shop. T shirts, prints, and phone cases are all available with the artwork proudly emblazoned on them, all at reasonable prices, so you can show your love of art to the world.

A friendly and open atmosphere, if you would like to learn more about the artists or ask any questions do not be shy! Illustrate are looking to expand and amplify the reach of indie artworks and will always be happy to help.

Mon - Fri 10.30-5.30

Sat 10-6 

Sun 11-5 

Where to Find Us

Main Map The Arcade, Bristol, City of Bristol BS1 3JD0117 214 0098

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